Trader Vic’s Kona Coffee Lequeur

Trader Vic’s Kona Coffee Lequeur

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Victor J. Trader Vic Bergeron in 1932 he opened a cosy pub and called it Hinky Dinks. His pungent vocabulary and ribald air made him a popular host, as did his tropical cocktails and his delicious interpretation of Polynesian food. Hinky Dinks in 1936 had become Trader Vic’s. The Legend was born. Trader Vic’s Chocolate Liqueur is a medium dark chocolate liqueur with just a touch of vanilla.
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Trader Vic’s Kona Coffee Lequeur

Platinum Award winner at the 2007 World Beverage Competition.

26.5% Alc./Vol.

Trader Vic's - exclusively imported and distributed by Big Island Wholesalers


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